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Leslie teaches a broad spectrum of yoga, from the dynamic flow of Vinyasa, the deep experience of yin, and the stillness of meditation. Her Pause, Breathe, Notice, Feel ideology is the basis for this comprehensive approach to teaching. She believes there is a yoga for “every body” and strives to be mindful of the student's experience so she can meet them exactly where they are. Safe, intelligent, creative, classes are always the priority but intuition and connection are what inspires her. Part of her mission is to also elevate the level of education for yoga teachers. The teachers are out there sharing yoga with the students and they deserve to be taught with the highest level of integrity that honors the traditions of this life changing practice. Leslie is always seeking to elevate herself,  the community and the collective energy of the world  through the practice of yoga   MORE ABOUT LESLIE...



Anamaria Vecchio

Ana is a fun and outgoing runner, yogi and triathlete. She found yoga when looking for ways to improve her strength, flexibility and mental focus for her other activities. She shortly discovered that yoga offered so much more. Ana says “Yoga has brought me to a place of peace and acceptance I never had before, I finally love myself regardless of my shape and size." Ana came from humble beginnings in Brazil where her parents instilled in her and her four siblings the importance of physical activities, healthy eating, and contact with nature as well as holistic and homeopathic practices. Growing up with body dysmorphic disorder, Ana spent much time in her younger years worried about her self-image, bullying herself to a perfection she now knows doesn’t exist. She didn’t understand the mind body connection until she deepened her practice. She is dedicated to inspire others through teaching yoga and with her own transformation showing that anything is possible.

Cathy Rosenberg

In 20 years of practicing yoga, it has become clear to Cathy that we practice yoga on the mat and we live it off the mat.Yoga teaches us to make good choices, to honor ourselves and to be okay with wherever we are in the moment. When we combine a strong yoga flow, intentional breath and clear instruction, the body and soul start to feel right. She believes in teaching a class that makes students strong in mind and body. We will practice asanas that require these skills and you will feel the transformation yoga brings. The flow will inspire and challenge. It will calm and ground. You will smile and find gratitude for your life.

Courtney Mitchell

Courtney is the founder of nonprofit organization Palm Beach VegFest.  She became vegan and started a regular yoga practice in April 2013, after reading "Skinny Bitch" and "Forks Over Knives". Courtney completed Leslie Glickman's 200 and 300 YTT at Yoga Journey. She resigned from her position as an elementary school teacher in 2015, and transitioned into a full-time yoga career.  When she's not teaching or producing events, you can find her on her mat or at the beach. Her yoga practice taught her that "Ahimsa", non-harming, is something we can apply to ALL areas of our lives, starting with the way we eat.

Debra Zambrana

Debra discovered yoga, quite by accident, and has never looked back, leading her to make a change – a HUGE change.  She retired from the corporate world and took a huge leap of faith, and followed her yoga bliss. Debra has been involved in fitness in some way since the age of 18 and holds a 2nd degree black belt.  She received her 200 hour yoga teacher certification in July, 2011 and her 500 hour certification in August, 2013, both under the guidance of her friend and mentor Leslie Glickman.  She is also Yoga 4 Cancer certified since 2016.  Debra continues to attend workshops and conferences as well as maintaining a regular personal practice with a variety of teachers and styles so that she can continue to bring innovative ideas and perspective to her students. Debra has a way of keeping it real & fun while maintaining the integrity of the practice.  She focuses on breath and movement, recognizing that proper form and alignment are the best way to prevent injury.  She blends the physical with the spiritual – advising her students that “yoga will change your life, whether you want it to or not!”  She knows this first hand.

Ellen Patrick

A professional dancer, entertainment industry refugee, yoga teacher/yoga therapist and spiritual traveler, Ellen Patrick has been practicing and exploring yoga for over 30 years. It has been her lifeline while enduring the pain of injuries and health conditions. It has been a source of strength while assisting in a birth and solace during the transition of death. It has been a beacon of enlightenment to interpret the wonders of world travel. Yoga is Ellen’s anchor in navigating the ups and downs of life.10 years of training in yoga therapeutics, 12 years of owning a yoga studio in NY, and 18 years of teaching yoga, Ellen is dedicated to providing her students with the tools of yoga that will educate, inspire and enhance their physical and mental well-being. Whether asana, pranayama, meditation, and/or the study of yoga philosophy, Ellen believes a consistent yoga practice will support her students in awakening their own inner resources. Her fun, informative and empowering classes will provide the insight and wisdom needed to support a fulfilling and inspirational life.


My intention for every class is to be of service to my students through offering yoga as therapy for the body, mind, and spirit. As a massage therapist, I use my knowledge of anatomy to safely guide students through postures with breath and intention. I aim to always offer all-levels classes that are challenging, therapeutic, and of course fun and uplifting! So whether you seek flexibility, strength, balance or a physical and emotional detox, you'll find what you need on the mat and carry it with you throughout your day. I suffered from back pain due to scoliosis and breathing problems from severe asthma my whole life. Little did I know that yoga would transform my body, breath, and mind! Through yoga my back started to find balance and strength, and my back pain simply melted away! The more I learned how to control and steady my breath, the less I relied on my asthma inhaler. Then one day I realized I hadn't used it in over a month and haven't had to refill my prescription since! Yoga helped me to flip the script, so to speak. Instead of viewing my issues as obstacles that overwhelmed me, I started to see them as challenges to overcome. Did my obstacles completely go away? No! But they no longer dictate what I can and can't do. My issues actually motivate me to work harder and learn more about myself! As I continue to find balance and control over my body I am able to find more balance in my mind and energy. It's that same balance of body, mind, and spirit that I strive to impart to my students.

Jen Sloan

Jennifer Cruz Sloan has been on and off the mat since college and was initially drawn to the "physical" side of yoga. In 2012, however, she experienced a defining moment in class where she finally saw herself for the first time, unmasked; strengthening a new relationship with herself. The practice of yoga provided a connection to a level of spirituality that she had been searching for. When she discovered there was much more to yoga than fitness, she instantly wanted to share this with others. Jen’s teaching style is focused on deep, transformational work - whether it be physical or spiritual - leaving it up to each individuals personal experience. She loves seeing her students progress in their own abilities and to reach a place they didn’t believe was previously possible. Her intelligent sequencing and hands on approach focuses on each of her students, making sure they are in proper form and alignment - all while simultaneously speaking to the energetic aspect of the yoga practice. One of her favorite parts of yoga is creating community and cultivating a space where everyone feels welcomed and ultimately connected. Jen is a Yoga Alliance accredited teacher based in South Florida and has received her ERYT500 under the direction of Leslie Glickman. She is currently the studio manager at Yoga Journey in Boca Raton, Florida.

Juli Kagan

RYT-500, With a strong emphasis on anatomy, core strength, posture and precision, Juli’s mindful classes provide a playground that enhances patience and concentration. Classically trained & certified in all Pilates equipment and mat since 2002 (600 Hour), Juli later found a deeper mind-body relationship in yoga and earned that certification in 2010 from Leslie Glickman (Vinyasa) and Philip Christodoulou (Anuttara). A rapacious yoga student herself, her greatest joy is bringing the knowledge she learns from others to her students. A self-professed life-long learner, Juli has a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology, with an emphasis in lifelong/adult learning. Above all, she is a teacher.

Laura Buchbinder

Laura started her teaching career by teaching gymnastics and dance to students from the age of 2 to adults for the past 10 years. Laura earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance and Theater in 2007 from Barry University in Miami, Florida. She has been trained professionally in Classical Ballet, Modern, Jazz, African dance, Caribbean dance, Hip-hop, Lyrical, and Latin dance. She incorporates her background of dance with yoga to develop creative sequences that focus on the foundation of breath and correct alignment. Her passion is to encourage others to live a healthy, happy, and balanced life-style. After her first yoga class she fell in love with the practice and philosophy of uniting the mind, body, and spirit. She immediately knew she had to share the practice with others. Laura is now a Yoga Alliance Certified (RYT200) and a certified Vinyasa teacher through Leslie Glickman’s Yoga Journey. She teaches group classes and private instruction in Vinyasa, Yin-Yasa, and Chair Restorative yoga throughout South Florida. In addition, she is a certified holistic health counselor, herbalist, and certified Aromatherapist. She works in healing centers and chiropractic offices throughout South Florida educating and encouraging clients to become healthy; both emotionally and physically, to develop a deep spiritual connection to live at their highest potential. Laura continues to take workshops, classes, and seminars to expand her knowledge of her skills but mostly to challenge her students. She is inspired daily by those around her and feels so blessed to have found her passion and the opportunity to express what she’s learned: wake up and live!


"You have Cancer" are the three words nobody ever wants to hear but those are the words that brought Lisa to a consistent yoga practice and eventually to her love of holding space for others as an RYT 500 yoga instructor. Lisa is a testament to the power of using the mind, body and breath to find inner strength and a sense of calm even through life's toughest challenges. After being diagnosed with a chronic leukemia in 2012, she began consistently connecting with her mat and soon after began her journey towards becoming a yoga instructor. Lisa's passion for yoga and commitment to her students only kept growing as she dealt with ongoing testing, procedures and treatments. Yoga is not only her refuge, her place of serenity and stillness, she finds it to be a practice of empowerment and hope within a safe and nurturing environment. Lisa's classes create just that, a sense of peace and tranquility within an empowering and non judgmental practice while providing opportunities for learning and growth. Lisa is also a certified Yoga 4 Cancer instructor. She teaches a variety of yoga styles including vinyasa, yin, hatha, gentle flow and meditation. Lisa looks forward to seeing you in class!

 Lydia Merl

My love affair with yoga began back in ‘92. Post pregnancy, wanting some serious “me” time (and seriously wanting my pre-pregnancy body back) I meandered into a yoga class at my local gym. I resurfaced 90 minutes later, my big baggy pants soaked in sweat, my mind blown, and my spirit soaring! My life has morphed beyond measure over these past 24 years but throughout all the changes and clatter, yoga has remained my true north. Yoga prepared me in ways that I could not possibly imagine as I walked in to that first class, for all the events of my life. The hardships and the joys have been experienced in a much more conscious and mindful way. I saw my reactivity in the mirror of my mat and have been witness to the gradual emergence of this new, more mindful, self-responsible, woman. This is the gift that yoga gives to anyone who chooses to accept its challenge: to learn to experience the highs and the lows with grace and to feel gratitude for all the events of your life. This equanimity bubbles up and out and creates a ripple effect of tranquility that reaches beyond our own bodies and lives to our family, our community and even the world. I teach a slow and steady Vinyasa flow that emphasizes breath, movement, alignment and a deep awareness of our inner world. I love to highlight how the practice exposes our physical and emotional strengths and weaknesses. The connection between the mind, body, breath and spirit is always present and this knowledge will be an invaluable tool of transformation for every practitioner. I am a 500 hour RYT certified teacher with 24 years of dedicated practice, over 10 years of teaching experience and a lifelong passion to inspire others!


Mary Ann Morgan-Fried

In 2010 Mary Ann decided to share her passion for Yoga with others. In that same year she completed her 200 hour Teacher Training under direction of Leslie Glickman and Philip Christodoulou. In 2013 she continued to deepen and expand her knowledge by completing the 500 hour under the direction of Leslie Glickman. She has studied many different styles of Yoga including Anusara, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin. Mary Ann is inspired by teachers such as Beryl Bender Birch, Bryan Kest, Kino MacGregor, Gurnukh, Rod Styker and Seane Corn. Mary Ann teaches a Vinyasa class with an emphasis on core strength through dynamic and innovative sequence. She inspires you to live from your deep self so you can uncover what is truly important for you on and off the mat and into your life!

Melanie Haraldson

Melanie's yoga journey began 11 years ago. She fell in love with the philosophy and lifestyle behind yoga, finding that it brought peace and balance in her life at a time when she needed it the most. Melanie is a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher (RYT 200) through Leslie Glickman's Yoga Journey. Her teaching is inspired by life experience. The philosophy of yoga permeates every part of her life. A student first, she continues to learn every time she steps on the mat. Her sincere desire as a teacher is to humbly serve from a place of compassion and honesty. She provides a safe atmosphere to explore and yet challenge her students - to help her students bring their best self onto the mat and into every part of their lives. Melanie is also a Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR) trained teacher. She teaches in treatment centers, and leads monthly donation classes in the community. Welcome to an amazing transformational journey that will lead you down a path of healing, inspiration, and improved health and well-being. Namaste!

MIKE Mitchell

Mike Mitchell is a RYT200 yoga teacher, plant-based health coach, and co-founder of Palm Beach VegFest non-profit corporation.

When he needed it most, yoga helped Mike slow down and make conscious decisions in all aspects of his life. Inspired by the positivity & mindfulness that yoga helped him create, Mike is excited to share the power of yoga with his community.

Naya Rappaport

Naya a.k.a Nayita; born in Jersey, raised in the Dominican Republic. Naya's mother introduced her to the gift of yoga over 15 years ago. Reaching a plateau after college she journeyed to seek strength and flexibility. Naya started a daily asana practice in October, 2012. Astonished by the physical, mental and spiritual changes, she committed to make yoga her lifestyle.  Besides exposing her physical practice on the streets and social media her favorite way of inspiring is to teach yoga. She guides her students through an all levels Vinyasa flow and hands on practice. She fills the room with encouragement and positivity. She dotes on traditional lineage but adds her modern twist in teaching. With a mix of Sanskrit, Spanish and Yiddish she'll keep you on your toes. She allows time for silence and self exploration. Naya loves to break down the challenging asanas and make them accessible to every student. Expect her energy to keep you uplifted along with a safe Vinyasa flow.  Being a Body Positive enthusiast she believes yoga is for every BODY, human, gender, age..... She's a fan of the outdoors, travel, wine and FOOD! During her free time you can catch her with her family and friends practicing some acro-yoga or dancing to merengue, salsa and bachata. Having her own rescue from Miami, Princess, Naya is a pit bull advocate and speaks for those who have no voice. Naya  is a 500 hr RYT and an ambassador for Alo Yoga and Lululemon . Naya is also an associate at the Tri-County Animal Rescue.

Pam Leal

Pam was certified to teach yoga in Fort Lauderdale, however it was weekly classes with her friend and teacher Leslie Glickman that revealed her discipline and passion for yoga. Already from a family of fitness minded people, Pam knew how to "work out". Yoga brought a grounding stillness into her world that she so desperately needed. After the tragic death of Pam’s daughter Bailey, Pam immersed herself in Leslie’s 500 hr teacher training program. Completion in September 2014 has allowed Pam a new spectrum of opportunities, Yoga on the Wall and Enhanced Yoga Stretching.

The depth of learning yoga and teaching what she has learned, has given Pam and her students great satisfaction. Pam leads Vinyasa classes that are fun and unique. Many years of teaching all different levels enables her to see how to motivate a student to the mat no excuses. The healing power of Yoga has touched Pam’s life from every angle, now, that purpose and passion can be received by students in Pam’s classes.

Robyn Cifuentes

Robyn is an adventurous and outgoing extreme athlete who has enjoyed practicing yoga since 2004. She discovered yoga when looking for ways to lose weight, realizing it did so much more for her then that. Robyn says “Yoga centers me, its been my meditation when I need to calm my mind and body.” Robyn enjoys spending her time traveling when she can; the more you travel, the richer you become with knowledge and culture experience. “Imagine a life where all you do is travel to inspire and teach others through yoga” she says. The amazing thing about yoga is that you can practice it anywhere, anytime and you do not even need to be on the mat to be “doing yoga”. She wants to bring yoga to people who need it the most. The poor, disabled, elderly and recovering addicts. As well as bring yoga to other extreme athletes who could really use yoga in their lives. Robyn has already begun this journey with her husband, teaching in recovery centers and hosting fitness retreats in Nicaragua. Robyn is so unbelievably grateful at the opportunity that NamaStacy Yoga Corporation® has provided with sponsoring her to become a certified teacher through Yoga Journey and she is committed to paying it forward.


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